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Daily Dawn Lahore Epaper with today's edition in English Sunday, November 18, for Lahore and surrounding areas of Punjab on Pakistan Times. The Dawn mission was designed to study two large bodies in the asteroid belt in order to answer questions about the formation of the Solar System, as well as to test the performance of its ion drive in deep space.

Ceres and Vesta were chosen as two contrasting protoplanets, the first one apparently "wet" (i.e. icy and cold) and the other "dry" (i.e. The Forges of Dawn, which I had been anticipating for many months, definitely lived up to my expectations.

The world in The Forges of Dawn is skillfully developed; I greatly enjoyed the ways in which the different species were described, the various cultures and customs and languages even among the same species, and the ways in which racism, sexism, and speciesism were addressed.

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Dawn e paper
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