Debt backed household consumption in small countries

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Debt Bubble

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How much income is used for debt payments? A new database for debt service ratios

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European debt crisis

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Household debt

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Household debt to GDP ratio in selected countries worldwide 2016

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In particular, household spending as a share of income rises during household debt booms, as do total imports and the share of consumption goods in total imports. The expansion in household debt is followed by a sharp slowdown in GDP, consumption, and investment growth.

Global Health Overview

The composition of household debt changed little over the period – The bulk was for house financing, which accounted for 55% of total household debt as at end (Graph 3). This statistic presents the ratio of total household debt in selected global countries against the GDP, as full size of economy, in In that year, the total household debt of the United States equaled percent of the GDP of that country.

Debt backed household consumption in small countries
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