Gcse pe coursework swimming

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Get an excellent coursework in just a few easy steps try our. Physical Education. Physical education is all about developing a healthy, active approach to life. Whatever the activities involved – from rugby to rhythmic dance, trampolining to table-tennis and hill-walking to the metre sprint – it’s designed to foster enjoyable participation in exercise and training.

2 x Written paper – 1hour 15 minutes each (each paper is worth 30% of overall GCSE PE grade).

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Practical (60% of total marks) Practical performance – in 3 different physical activities in the role of player/performer (one in a team activity such as football or netball, one in an individual activity such as swimming or. A selection of AQA Unit 4 Key Process C examples (which were sent for moderation) from my GCSE PE cohort.

They are from a range of activity areas but are all in the role of Performer/5(8). The Coursework Guide covers both the GCSE Full Course and the GCSE Short Course in Physical Education. It is designed to help teachers with the assessment of Paper 2 (Practical. GCSE PE Syllabus Full Course.

Edexcel GCSE in Physical Education – Physical Education (Short Course) – their ability to analyse performance in one of their chosen redoakpta.comcal Assessment Introduction The Coursework Guide covers both the GCSE Full Course and the GCSE Short Course in Physical Education.

UG These revision resources relate to the AQA GCSE exam for Physical Education (PE) covering Short Course () – for exams June onwards and certification June onwards, Full Course () – for exams June onwards and certification June onwards and Double Award () – selected units from June onwards, remaining units and certification from June onwards.

Gcse pe coursework swimming
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gcse pe coursework swimming