Obesity in ireland

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Ireland still 'on course to become the most obese nation in Europe'

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The shape we're in: 10 facts about Irish obesity

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Obesity in Ireland: UCD professor has some solutions

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Obesity in Ireland

Obesity can cause a number of health problems, such as type 2 diabetes (a condition caused by too much glucose in the blood), and heart disease (when the heart's blood supply is blocked). The National Guidelines on Physical Activity for Ireland recommend that adults do at least minutes (2 hours and 30 minutes) of moderate-intensity.

Ireland's population has overweight and obesity levels in excess of the European average, according to a comprehensive global study of the problem.

Ireland: A Country of Obese People by 2030 WHO Reports

The research, details of which are published in. Ireland has the fourth highest prevalence of overweight and obesity in men in the EU and the seventh highest prevalence among women. Scale of the Problem Obesity in Europe is five times more common now, than it was after the Second World War.

Obesity in Ireland After receiving such a fantastic and positive response, not just from Ireland but from around the world regarding my last blog Obesity in Children, I have been asked on several occasions in the past few days to discuss the problem of obesity in Ireland in general.

At %, Ireland has the fourth-highest rate of severe obesity in the EU, behind the UK, Malta and Lithuania At %, we have the second-highest rate of morbid obesity in the EU, behind the UK.

Ireland is on course to become the most obese country in Europe, according to the latest figures from World Health Organisation (WHO) experts. Europe is heading for an unprecedented explosion in rates of obesity and excess weight — with the Ireland at the forefront of the trend, say researchers.

Ireland: A Country of Obese People by 2030 WHO Reports Obesity in ireland
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